Hadiza Gabon says she has no other choice but to marry Dr Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami

Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon has revealed that she has no choice but to marry Minister Ali Isa Pantami, according to hausadailynews website.

Gabon’s Hadiza has been a hero in the Kannywood industry for 12 years. She has appeared in various Kannywood films since she joined the Kannywood industry.

Since the publication of this article, Hadiza Gabon’s fans have been trying to find out the truth from it. Where the Kannywood actress fans asked her in the comment section of Instagram handle Nata.

Gabon’s Hadiza has not yet commented on the story, which has been circulating on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

This is not the first time there have been rumors that Kannywood superstars will marry a wealthy man or a scholar. A few years ago, it was reported that Fati Shu’uma said she wanted to marry President Muhammadu Buhari.

Hadiza Gabon came to Nigeria years back from Gabon, and first, she settled in Adamawa State. Hadiza Gabon is currently based in Kaduna, where she does Kannywood business and her own business.

The Kannywood actress lives in her palace with her daughter and relatives. The actress was yesterday honored with a major award in Abuja together with the Kannywood Director Falalu in Dorayi which he too is awarded at the event center.

Right now Hadiza Gabon have not been seen in a new movie for a while for some reason.

The first is that the Kannywood industry has deteriorated as a result of the lack of trade by marketers which has led them to stop buying movies. Seeing that marketers are buying movies, producers have stopped producing new movies to avoid losses.

Currently, the Kannywood industry relies on YouTube software to upload new movies without having to go to market. This is a big development for kannywood in 2021.


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