Abdul Amart Mai Kwashewa Give a Brand New Honda to Bello Muhammad Bello General BMB

The continuation of Abdul Amart’s six-member march This trip dates back to the 2015 election campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari. As the journey continues to this day, Abdul Amart praises his car partners who have carried at least 7 people.

General BMB is a hero in the Kannywood industry who also yesterday Abdul Amart give a new Honda car. His family and colleagues in Kannywood are overjoyed to receive this great gift together with their leader Abdul Amart and may God bless him and grant him Paradise

Kannywood actress Ummah Shehu & Muneerat Abdulsalam

A new conflict has erupted between umma Shehu and muneerat Abdulsalam lumancy teacher A new conflict has erupted between the hero umma Shehu and muneerat Abdulsalam who is known as the lumancy teacher.

The crisis was sparked by the heroic ummah Shehu’s statement that she would teach northern women how to be “flat”. The statement from Umma Shehu prompted Muneerat Abdulsalam to respond by saying that people should have “flattened” Umma Shehu before attempting to say she will teach other women.

Watch the full video on muneerat Abdulsalam channel of how it all happened A few days ago, after the arrest of Umma Shehu, Haruna and his commission came out and made some unkind remarks about the commission. However, people reacted angrily to her by saying that she was ready for Islamic education.

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