Abdullahi Amdaz tells the story of his life and how he came to kannywood

Abdullahi Amdaz is a rising star in the Kannywood industry. In an interview with BBC Hausa, the actor was asked questions about his life and the origins of the Hausa film industry. Abdullahi Amdaz is a singer and a hero, according to an interview with BBC Hausa.

He joined the Kannywood industry as a result of Musa Musa Sanaa, he added, adding that Musa Mai Sanaa was his master because he was the catalyst for Hausa’s entry.

his carrier start to show up since the release of the Labarina series where he is playing a vital role and he was called excellency in the movie


About the N1 million reward offered by Nazir m Ahmad for anyone who is willing to show a face of those who are using the singer voice to dumped people and collected money from them

In the video, Nazir Sarkin Waka describes how people cheat on his fans by pretending to be Nazir Sarkin Waka or by calling him, Nazir.

We will provide you with a full video of what happened and how the Nazir king of Waka arrested one of the people accused of deceiving Dakuma and betraying the Nazis.

It has now been revealed that one of the suspects has been arrested in connection with the alleged crime reported by Nazir Sarkin Waka. Stay tuned to our newshausa site for the latest news and updates.

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