Adam a zango marriage with Saratu Daso has shake kannywood lovers

Of course, anyone who is on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram will see a video of Sarato Daso and Kannywood actor Adam a Zango sharing love and care in one short video.

According to one Facebook page, former Saratu Daso will be wuff with Adam a Zango. We have confirmed that this video was from one of the new film by Abubakar Bashir Maishadda’s new Hausa movie name “Gwarama”.

Which this film consists of Actors like Sani Danja, Adam a Zango, Nura m Inuwa, Ali jita, Amal Umar, Saratu Daso, Hajara usman, And many other kannywood heroes this film shows how old mothers fall in love with younger boys.

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The Kano State Film Censorship Board (KSFCB) has suspended the movies that violated the law of the board

The chairman of the Kano State Film Censorship Board, Ismail Na’abba Afakallah, said they have stopped any film that shows a way of how to kidnap or any act that is illegal to the society

In a statement issued by the chairman of the commission, the letter contained a statement stating that all films showing any form of terrorism were banned.

Just the voice of the chairman of the Film Censorship Board. Given the deteriorating security situation in northern Nigeria, the film will serve as a way for the kidnappers to show their resilience in the face of terrorism.

The decision has sparked outrage among some Hausa film makers, who say that action should be taken against such films because their exposure is not good for the public. Stay tuned for more kannywood news easily.

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