Adama’s marriage to a young woman has sparked controversy

Some pictures of the kannywood hero who is appearing in the show Dadin Kowa know as Adama appeared this evening 11/09/2021 on social media.

Recently, in an interview with BBC Hausa, Adama revealed that there is a single reason why she is still unmarried. Where is the hero asked Why did he not get married? She added that she had not yet found the right person to married off

However, the statement made by the heroine Adama, has led many to say that Adama’s age should not be decided by her choice of husband.

After a long investigation, we came to the conclusion that this picture of Adam with a young man who was published claiming that Adam had wuffed with a young man was not true.

Because these photos were taken during a new long-running project but is not married to a fetus. Stay tuned in our website to get the latest update in kannywood

Another Kannywood news Nuhu Abdullahi – Mahmud in the Labarina series Today, as always, we have a short video to share with you to watch the Nuhu Abdullahi Mahmud celebrations in my Story Program.

I am sure many of you are indebted to Mahmud for marrying his fiancée, who was married in Kano, and the hero built his castle where his bride is kept. You can watch the full video at the bottom of this post for the ones who haven’t watched it and the ones who have watched it.

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