Ali Nuhu is one of the biggest names in the kannywood industry

In an interview with Ali Nuhu, he revealed some things that people have been asking him to do for a long time. The question for Ali Nuhu is when will you stop dancing? Yes, of course, the world is changing now and the way young people are doing is different now than in the past.

And now most of the Hausa films you choose when it comes to dancing are recruited. “In fact, now I want to dance in a movie,” said Ali Nuhu. No, I’m not a dancer, I’m not a dancer, I’m the only one who can dance and dance.

Ali Nuhu added: “We have now given the dance to our children and brothers to see how old they look now.

Another kannywood news

Naziru sarkin Waka has promised a reward of one million naira to anyone who brings those who use he’s name in other to collect money from he’s fans

Naziru sarkin Waka made a short video of the tragedy and tragedy of his life. Naziru Sarkin Waka describes how some people use his name to deceive and oppress people as they are Naziru Sarkin Waka.

Naziru sarkin Waka has promised one million rupees to anyone who shows them the perpetrators. Watch the full video of what the king of music is saying with your ears.

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