Lawan Ahmad discusses the issue of ending his series which is been circulating in media

Lawan Ahmad discusses the issue of ending of izzar so series

Seeing how the fans of the izzar program want to see who could be the only song of “matawalle” as everyone is expecting that the song of the “matawalle” will be Umar Hashim since from his history they have said his family died long ago and he was found alone

Izzar So is a program that has been well received by people from all over the world, including Who is not hearing the language this is the reason why the director and the producer decided to make a subtitle for the film.

However, subtitles are translated into English at the bottom of the program, which is why some people think so.

In a short video by actor Ahmad Lawan Ahmad and Umar Hashim on his Instagram page have said the series has not ended as some people sharing fake news saying the movie is already ending.

Scholars and various organizations have also credited Umar Hashim, the program’s director, and the director of the Honorable Program for coming up with something new that will benefit the community. Stay tuned for more kannywood news easily.

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