Lawan Ahmad has been accused of treason and practicing religion as a result of one act

If you haven’t forgotten, it has been about three months since we reported that Hero Lawan Ahmad has put the Quran recitation competition.

In the competition, the directors of Izzar so said who ever anyone can compete in the competition wanted, who promised that anyone who wanted to compete in the competition would be presented with a grand prize. It has been almost three months since the launch of the Amman competition.

There is no word on who won or vice versa from Kannywood actor Lawan Ahmad. Babalola challenged actor Lawan Ahmad that he had come to explain to the people the competition and that Bawai would not be deceived by religion.

Babalola stated that people should keep their promises and say what they can, not what they cannot. We are waiting for the answer from Lawan Ahmad, who will challenge him on this issue. Stay tuned for more updates on Mungode.

Another trending kannywood news

The new Momee Gombe Movie name (KWALLA) 2021 Program Momee Gombe is one of the most recognizable actresses in the kannywood industry.

The Hausa film market is now dominated by YouTube, the only film industry in the world. “KWALA” Hausa Sports Program which will be broadcast to you on Momee Gombe Channel on YouTube, as soon as the program is launched.

It is a program that will educate you, entertain you and enlighten you Sosa, where the heroes Momee Gombe and Garzali Miko are the stars of the show.

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