One woman has been offered to accept another religion in other to get medical bill pays

The video of a woman caught attention after it was published on the site of a God-fearing woman who helped the needy find help in the community by spreading it on her page, especially for those in need of medical treatment or sponsors.

The Fauziyya Danladi Sulaiman Foundation, the Creative Helping Needy Foundation has been working on this for many years. Last year, Fauziyya published a video of Goddess and her children suffering from cervical cancer, which lasted until her uterus was removed, but due to lack of treatment, the operation was canceled damaged, until it reached the front of it expelling worms.

Another kannywood news

The hero and musician in the kannywood decoration industry has complained about the way people use his name to do inappropriate things.

In a short video, Gwanja expressed his frustration at the way people are using his name on social media asking women to send him explicit images.

Ado Gwanja asked his fans to be patient as he did not know about the perpetrators of such heinous acts. We can say that this is not strange because it happened to the heroine Ummi Rahab, where some miscreants used her name saying that she was sending them explicit images.

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