Pictures of Ummi Rahab and Hausa singer Lillin Baba have shaken kannywood

Some photos of Ummi Rahab with Hausa singer Lillin Baba posted on Instagram have sparked a heated exchange between the actress’ fans.

Ummi Rahab’s lovers say that they had heard that the poet Lillin Baba had a fight with Adam a zango. According to the photos, the photos were taken during a song by “Ligarin Baba”.

However, the situation between Ummi Rahab and Adam at the camp has now eased and a compromise has been reached between the two heroes.

Another kannywood news

See how a marriage between a presidor is tied in “labarina series” According to the writers of my story, he will be the husband of three people, Lukman, Mahmud and presidor.

The incident took place when they went to Mahmud’s house and when they went to the hospital they were humiliated and insulted. Lukman’s friend then came to the hospital to find out what had happened. Ida finally said goodbye.

Do you think the presidor is going to marry Sumayya or Mahmud because Lukman has declared that he is impatient. You can tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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