Rahama Sadau will be appearing in New Indian Movie Khuda Hafiz for the first time ever

Rahama Sadau will be appearing in India’s new program for the first time by Khuda Haafiz

As the actress posted seven of her photos on her Instagram page with an Indian actor with the caption “Hello Bollywood” Last year, Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau was expelled from Kannywood for allegedly engaging in an improper dress.

After much so much hard conservation and calls from other of her Kannywood colleagues to remove the pictures the actress hasn’t pick of her called and one Christian allegedly accused our dear beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w

The actress did not remove the photo until Saida’s colleagues and fans came out to criticize her for her actions and the actress deleted the photo on her Instagram page.

After a meeting with the Kannywood team and a look at the Kannywood actress’s actions, the board team fired Rahama sadau from appearing in any Kannywood movies.

That is why Rahama Sadau start featuring in southern Nigerian films, the actress before used to appear in Nigerian films but for now, she is fully back to Nigerian movies.

But now Rahama sadau will be featured in an Indian movie name khuda hafiz which she happened to be the first Kannywood that will appear in an Indian movie.

Actress Rahama Sadau and her fans are overjoyed to have this great opportunity in her life.

however, some of her fans were not happy for her in the Bollywood industry for some reason.

the actress is currently in india were they are shooting the new movie.


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