Rahama Sadau’s sister responds harshly to an upcoming film by Rahama Sadau from India

Actress Rahama Sadau’s Response A very captivating response, considering that Zee Sadau is not a hero and is not well known in the kannywood industry.

If you haven’t forgotten, actress Rahama Sadau has posted some of her pics with an Indian actor where they are filming a new masterpiece called “khuda Haafiz.

It is the first film starring Rahama Sadau and will be the first film starring Kannywood and Arewa stars. Zee Sadau’s younger sister Zee Sadau posted pictures of her sister on her Instagram page where she wrote “people should respect my her sisters name now, because she is above all Kannywood actors and actress now”

The statement from Rahama Sadau’s younger sister suggests that the heroes of Kannywood and her fans should respect her name as she has now reached a higher position.

Rahama Sadau’s younger sister’s remarks led to insults and abuse, with some even wishing for Sister Tata.


I will never stop filming until I die according to the legendary Kannywood hero Heroine Hadiza Kabara is one of the biggest heroes of Kannywood Women Who have spent over fifteen years in the industry.

The actress said she will not leave the Kannywood industry because the Kannywood industry has given her everything she has ever wanted to make a fortune in the industry.

Heroine Hadiza Kabara is currently gone. There is no one who has limited her age like Nata on the Women’s side in the Kannywood industry, appearing in various films.

Two of the most popular films are Gidan Badamasi and Dadin Kowa. All these programs are aired on Arewa24. Apart from appearing in various films, kannywood heroes have a lot of respect for Hadiza Kabara in the industry.

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