The message we send in our music is better than that of Islamic scholars said Ado gwanja

A Hausa punch page on Facebook has posted a video of an interview with a hero and a poet adorning that the message they convey is faster than that of teachers.

However, Ado Gwanja’s statement has sparked controversy, with some seeing what Ado Gwanja said to be true and others arguing that teachers, singers or Hausa actors should not be included.

We Are More Acceptable, Watched, And Listened To TheScholars Nowadays, people are more inclined towards entertainment than listening to music. And our culture, according to Gwanja, our teachers at that time and the good people at that time, were the worst in the world.

The story of the film village instead of building it in Kano, if you want, you should bring the Ulema and Hisbah in the matter of speeding up Something is not right. Kano Islam was not practiced in Kaduna and it must have affected the Gwanja people.

In the case of the Disciples, the Board of Trustees has made great efforts If you haven’t forgotten, Hisba Takama, a well-known pharmacist for marriage, came to the attention of Hisba last week. Hisba is being prosecuted for sexually explicit material on social media, as well as on social media.

She was then taken to a court of law, where she was sentenced to six months to go back to Islamiyah and get Islamic knowledge, accompanied by an accountant and a court official.

The appearance of a short video of Sadiya Haruna has made people applaud Hisba for its efforts in getting Sadiya Haruna in the right direction. Watch the full 10 minute video of the heroine

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