This is the reason why Maryambooth is no longer featured in kannywood films

By the way, this is what happened to Maryambooth in the film Kannywood actress Maryambooth has not been seen in the new kannywood film for two days.

Where fans of the heroes think Anya is fine nothing has happened to their heroine as Maryambooth is one of the most popular kannywood heroes.

A few months ago, Maryambooth lost her mother due to a serious illness. Before her mother’s death, she was also a veteran of kannywood. We ask God to have mercy on her and make Paradise her destiny along with all Muslims around the world


Adam a Zango says he will marry ummi rahab – Kannywood story A few days ago we brought you a full report on how a clash broke out between Adam a zango and Ummi Rahab.

In an interview with BBC Hausa, Jarumi Adam explained to them why he had left Ummi Rahab. Adam a Zango revealed that he took Ummi Rahab as his daughter because he did not want anything to harm her. But Ummi took the wrong path.

That’s why I talk to her and show her that there is no one who can stop her from doing what I want her to do. In an interview with Daily Trust, Ummi Rahab stated that she is not the color of the woman that Adam a Zango would think he would marry.

Ummi Rahab and Adam in camp Ever since that incident, I have been watching Ummi Rahab shoot new Hausa films. The unpopularity of Jarumi Adam at the camp has led some to flee the scene of the Kannywood movie.

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