Kannywood actress Maryam yahaya join the celebration of Nigerian Independence @61

Kannywood actress Maryam yahaya join other kannywood actors/actress to celebrate Nigerian independent day at the age of 61.

1st October is the day Nigerian got her independent from the British, this is why in every year 1st October Nigeria mark it as the day of celebration for the independent in the whole country.

Maryam yahaya was to said to have been in a critical condition for over months now, she was in a serious health condition where she was not been seen in new films and other places where kannywood members normally used to go out their.

When BBC Hausa paid a visit to the kannywood actress Maryam yahaya where she is, BBC hausa ask her some questions regarding her health.

BBC Hausa ask her what was the cause of her illness, Maryam yahaya told BBC Hausa that she’s fighting with Serious “Typoid” and that’s the only cause of my illness said Maryam yahaya.

But last week Maryam yahaya upload her two pictures in her Instagram handle which hasn’t been seen for over four months now, when her kannywood colleague and her fans saw her image people start expressing their happiness over her illness recovery.

Yesterday also Maryam yahaya uploaded some pictures of her wearing T-shirt with the colours of green white green which shows she is celebrating Nigerian Independence.

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