Famous kannywood actress Fatima Abdullahi who you know as fati washa has landed in turkey for relaxation as usual kannywood heroes

If you don’t forget, two weeks ago we told you about the coming of Washa to Saudi Arabia to do the work of the ummah as other Muslims around the world do.
Fati Washa is the first heroine since Saudi Arabia closed the Hajj pilgrimage to Ummarah in 2020 as a result of covid19, a pandemic that has spread around the world.
Fatima Abdullahi Washa posted her hot photos of her trip to Turkey on her Instagram page on Monday evening 04/10/2021.
Kannywood actresses are accustomed to traveling to different countries for entertainment if there is no job or business. Two months ago, Hadiza Gabon’s heroine made a similar trip to Shakatawa.
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Kannywood actor baban chinedu have lost his father in the evening of Friday 8/10/2021
On the evening of Friday, October 8, God took the life of the father of the famous Hausa star, better known as Baban Cinedu.
baban Cinedu posted a short note on his Instagram account saying, “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun, my father is dead now and his funeral will be held in accordance with Islamic rites.”
In less than a month, at least three people have been killed in a series of earthquakes that have rocked the Kannywood industry.
The Kannywood heroes mourned the death of their father Cinedu and prayed for his father may God have mercy on him and make Paradise his destiny and that of all other Muslims.

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