Kannywood actress Hajara Aliyu react to the illness of Maryam yahaya and her new pictures on Instagram

Kannywood actress have react to the illness of Maryam yahaya who happened to be in a bad condition of illness for almost five months now.

Hajara Aliyu one of the kannywood actress have shown some concerns over a new pictures released by kannywood actress Maryam yahaya on her Instagram handle.

Hajara Aliyu Haidar

Maryam yahaya have been in a illness condition for almost five months now have started to feel much better which the the kannywood actress Maryam yahaya snapped some of her pictures and share it on her Instagram handle for her kannywood colleagues and fans for them to see how she’s recovering.

But kannywood actress hajara Aliyu have advised Maryam yahaya to stop showing her some pictures or anything that will be a sign of her on her social media for now. She said Maryam yahaya no need to be snapping pictures for now.

Maryam Yahaya

Hajara Aliyu have describe that their are some that don’t want to see Maryam yahaya in a healthy condition so if Maryam yahaya keep posting pictures of her which is showing how she’s recovering it be harmful to her again.

Maryam yahaya happened not to be in the Industry for over five months now and according to the report reaching us it shows that it was “Asiri akai Mata” is the source of her illness. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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