Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau said some of her colleagues were not happy for seen her in Bollywood industry

As you can recall last three weeks back Rahama Sadau released some of her pictures in New Delhi India which attract so many of her fans and her kannywood colleagues.

Rahama Sadau has been seen in a Bollywood location shooting a new Indian Movie name “khuda Haafiz” which combined so many Bollywood actors and actresses.

Rahama Sadau have banned in the kannywood industry for not complying with the rules and regulations of the industry. Rahama Sadau released some of her pictures last year back which cause an abuse to prophet muhammad and Islam at Large.

Rahama Sadau at India

This is the main reason why the kannywood industry banned the actress from appearing in any single or kannywood series film.

Rahama Sadau sai some of her colleagues and her fans where not happy for seen her in the Bollywood industry. She said some of them were jealous of her for this wonderful achievement in her life.

Rahama Sadau said been her in the Bollywood industry is a great achievement to her as this is her her main dream to become one of the Bollywood Actress. And now by God have made her dream come true and she’s so much great full for that.

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