Auwal Isah West apologized to Hadiza Gabon for the harsh words he uttered against her

Following a short video released by Auwal Isah West in which he expresses his displeasure at what Hadiza Gabon has done to some of the biggest kannywood heroes like Ali Nuhu Adam in the camp among others.

Last week, the winner of the “Big Money” Big Brother Naija Award, who attended a Star Times conference in Kano, invited some of the kannywood heroes.

Gabon’s Hadiza has issued a statement stating that the kannywood heroes have chosen to intervene.

According to Hadiza Gabon, kannywood heroes are making a name for themselves and their kannywood industry.

Watch the full video of apology

Auwal isah west uses some words in the video, Gabon’s Hadiza have traveled to Egypt, for a conference meeting.

But the kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon have decided to come back and take a serious action against the kannywood Actor Auwal isah west for accusing her and using hash words against her.

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