Kannywood actor Hamza yahaya have gotten a free medical bill for he’s nose surgery in Turkey

The kannywood Actor Hamza yahaya yahaya who is having a problem of breathing since he’s accident on their way from Lagos to Kano.

Hamza yahaya on their way to Kano some kidnappers try to stop their car on the road but unfortunately the driver didn’t stop which cause the kidnapper to shot the vehicle an s bullet hit the nose of Hamza yahaya the kannywood Actor.

Which he was rushed to the hospital for an urgent surgery Hamza yahaya suffer a from broken nose which the bullet damaged he’s nose, the doctors in the hospital have tried what ever they can do for him in the surgery.

But unfortunately the doctors told Hamza yahaya he need to transfer to abroad for him to get the best nose surgery of his nose, and the surgery is too cost.

At that time the kannywood Actor don’t have that amount of money and he was back at home where he continue with he’s normal activities.

But this week the kannywood Actor have experience a horrible things which he can’t sleep well in the night he is only breathing throughout the nose.

With the help of kannywood actor Ali Nuhu, mustapha Naburaska and Dauda kahuta rarara Hamza yahaya have gotten a free medical surgery which he will be taking to Turkey for he’s medical surgery.

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