Dauda Kahutu rarara said he will be contesting for house of representatives of bakori and danja local government

Poet and politician, Alhaji Dauda Kahutu (Rarara), has said that the rumors circulating about his candidacy for the Federal House of Representatives representing Bakori and Danja Local Government Areas in Katsina State are true.

Rarara himself confirmed this to Fim magazine in Katsina in an interview with him on some issues related to his songs, especially the song which he said was paid for by the poor and the issue of his stand. candidate.

He added that so far there was talk of his new song which was paid for by the masses to describe the activities of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said he would soon be touring the states of Nigeria to showcase Buhari’s achievements.

He said, “If God allows me to complete the task ahead of me, I will be contesting for the Bakori and Danja Local Government Areas. If this is a priority for me, then look at the future. ”

According to Rarara, he intended to find 90 jobs for the President but found 900,000 who he considered to be too busy, but only if he had the opportunity to complete the work would he return to his candidacy, which has already begun to flow. political houses.

Rarara said last week’s election of political leaders in Katsina was a good one, and he did well, so he hoped the election would help further the victory of his party, the APC, in the next general election. .

In addition, the singer praised the process of creating the leaders, saying that he was very impressed, and that in Nigeria no other place has done as much as Katsina State.

He said even the President commended the efforts of Governor Aminu Bello Masari in this regard.

Rarara said, “If you look closely, since the election of the chairpersons of the booth, local government and state levels no one has said that he does not agree with the process, so this is what is called leadership.

However, the remarks made by Dauda Kahuta Rara have raised eyebrows in Kura, where many people have been debating on social media.

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