Mansurah isah and Her Husband Sani Danja shocked people in platinum cinema

Former kannywood actress Mansurah isah who is married to kannywood Actor sani Musa Danja for about 14 years now have shocked people seen her with sani Musa Danja at the Platinum cinema Kano.

As you remembered some months back the former kannywood actress have posted a short note on her Instagram handle saying she’s no longer married with sani Danja.

After posting this note for about 3 minutes she deleted the posting this draw attention of her fans and her husband fans, media publisher to start posting on her handle that sani Musa Danja divorce Mansurah isah.

When contacted the husband sani Musa Danja by news men he didn’t said anything rather than he said the news media team should go and ask Mansurah isah since she is the one that posted on her Instagram handle that she is no more sani danja’s wife.

A lot of people were not happy with what happened between the two kannywood actress, but after some months one YouTube channel name (Tsakargida) bring a hot news saying that sani Danja and Mansurah isah marriage have been back.

Yeah but a lot of people didn’t believe that until they saw the two of them at platinum cinema were they are showing their new (Hausa Movie FANAN). People have now believe that their marriage is back and both sani Musa Danja and Mansurah isah were seen happy at the Platinum cinema.

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