Nigerians drag Angel’s mum on Twitter for defending daughter’s post about bitter 30+ aunties

Angel’s mother has received a lot of backlash on social media for defending her daughter’s tweet about bitter aunties.

The self-described “genuine attractive girl” took to Twitter to express her admiration for women, saying that they are gentle and beautiful in every way. She did, however, include a note that resentful aunts over the age of 30 are not among the women she’s referring to.
Many social media users chastised Angel for being inconsiderate and ill-mannered, as well as for stereotyping women with her remark.

Angel’s young mother quickly defended her daughter, claiming that her post had been misconstrued.

“When you folks merely read and don’t comprehend.” When she says, “You genuinely love ladies; everything about them is delicate and beautiful,” she’s referring to women with a wonderful heart and soul, and she goes on to clarify that this tweet isn’t for aunts with a bitter heart. “I trust you now understand,” she wrote.

Nigerians dragged Angel’s mother to mud and questioned her daughter’s upbringing in response to her mother’s explanation of her daughter’s post.

Check out some of the reactions below.

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