“When are you going to get tired if lying?”- Crossdresser James Brown slammed Bobrisky N74 million makeup and Hair (video)

James Brown, a well-known crossdresser, has slammed his fellow crossdresser, Bobrisky, for claiming to have spent N74 million on hair and makeup.

While addressing ‘his enemies,’ Bobrisky claimed to have spent N74 million on hair and makeup. 

According to him, God has designed and destined him to be famous and wealthy, and no one can stop him.

He boasted about how much money he spent on his clothes and appearance, adding that he changed his hair every three days. 

And he asked all the females if they could do it or could afford the lifestyle.

The cost he paid his makeup artist, the wigs, and the fee for hairdressing services was N74 million, according to him.

This has sparked outrage on social media, with many people, including his fellow crossdresser James Brown, claiming that this is a hoax.

In a Snapchat video uploaded by James Brown, Bobrisky claims a blatant falsehood and asks if he’ll ever get weary of lying.

According to James, he and Bobrisky are in the same field of business, and he does his own cosmetics and hair, but he does not spend N74 million.

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