Anna Banner blasts a married guy for body-shaming a mother over stretch marks on her stomach.

Anna Banner, a former beauty queen, has condemned a married guy for body shaming a mother due to stretch marks on her stomach.

The mother of a child rushed to Instagram to call out the man, whom she described as married with two children.

She did not, however, reveal his identity or the identity of the woman he body shamed.

She called him out immediately after tweeting a photo of herself in a crop top that displayed her stomach, leading to assumption that she is the woman in question.

She Wrote,

“You choose to open your dirty mouth and body shame a woman because she has stretch marks on her tummy due to child birth?


Your foolishness is obviously underrated!

Funny enough you’re a husband and your kids are girls! Shame on you!


Anna Banner cleared the air on the rumor that she bleached her skin to attain her pale complexion a while back.

The mother of one stated that her skin is naturally fair and that she does not use any skincare products to bleach or brighten it. She clarified that she only uses the glow kit to enhance her natural radiance.

On her Instagram story, Anna Banner clarified the situation. She did concede, though, that she has a lot of imperfections.

She wrote,

“Just to clear the air. I am naturally light skinned. The skin care products that I use are basically to enhance my glow. I do not bleach nor brighten my skin with any product. And yes, I have blemishes. Actually a lot on my back and arms.”

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