“If a good woman leaves you, it’s not enough reason to cry” – Reno Omokri Says

Reno Omkri, a Nigerian author and lawyer, has chastised men who cry when their wives leave them.

He believes that crying when a woman terminates a relationship, even if she is a good lady, is a sign of weakness.

“When a man cries over the death of loved ones, he gains respect. But if he cries because a woman left him, or rejected his proposal, he projects weakness. How can you cry because of a girl? Yes, Christ wept. But where was He was when He wept? At Lazarus’s funeral!”, he tweeted.

A Twitter user, on the other hand, said that because men are human, they can express their emotions when a good lady leaves.

Reno Omokri responded by saying that the greatest thing for a man to do at such moment is not to cry, but to go out and find a better one.

As he puts it,

“If a good woman leaves you, that is not enough reason to cry. Think of it this way: If you have $3.5 billion, and you lose $1 dollar, would you cry? There are 3.5 billions other women on Earth. Many of them will also be good. Instead of crying, go and find another one! In fact, don’t go and find another one. Rather, go and find a better one.

Develop yourself to the extent that it is women that should cry at the thought of losing you. Stop chasing them. Go and chase success. By the time you have a good command of business, coupled with self control, and have made money your servant instead of your master, no good woman will leave you!

But when you are so clingy and needy, and always kowtowing to her, and professing love, and writing poems, and following her around like a puppy, you will make it impossible for her to respect you, and she will pack her kaya and look for a real man who knows that he is the head in the relationship.”

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