Man breaches Bishop Oyedepo’s security, attacks him on the pulpit (video)

A unusual incident unfolded at Living Faith Church in Ogun, Canaan Land, when an unknown guy climbed the platform to assault Bishop David Oyedepo, the church’s high-ranking senior pastor.

The unidentified man knocked down the security and raced directly to the pulpit to hold the clergyman’s feet, according to a video that has gone viral. Security personnel soon intervened and brought the man to a halt.

The event occurred two weeks before the church’s annual shiloh program, according to reports.

According to other reports, Bishop David Oyedepo, the senior pastor of the Living Faith Church, has disclosed what he would do if Nigeria was engulfed in crisis.

According to the pastor, if things in Nigeria worsen, he will be the last person to escape.

Last Sunday, he said this during a church service massage to the congregation.

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