The ‘hood’ rejoices as an 18-year-old bus conductor wins big in Chess and Mental Math competition,

“That the world may know that brilliance may be discovered in the most improbable places,” there is a saying.

Following the ascension of a chess prodigy in a popular ‘hood’ in Lagos, the aforementioned remark has proven to be true.

Adeoye Fawaz, a youngster, has risen from the ashes of a phoenix to touch the blue sky in a true-life story that would be a smash hit if recreated in the Nollywood/Hollywood business.
Fawaz works as a “teen bus conductor” and has spent his entire life under the Oshodi Bridge, but on the 14th of December, 2021, Christmas came early for Fawaz when he won the overall championship in both chess and mental maths in a competition organized by Tunde Onakoya.

There is little doubt that Fawaz’ life is about to change for the better, as donations are already pouring in to help support his schooling, as well as the education of his fellow contestants. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Dr. Adeola Olubamiji, the founder of StemHub, has expressed her desire to send him a sum of two hundred thousand naira in addition to the cash reward and other prizes he has received.

She sent out a tweet;

I’d like to send him a prize of N200,000. My husband was a chess champion from Mushin who represented Nigeria in international competitions if he ever needed help. On a scholarship, he attended OAU and Yaba Tech. We can help him in any way we can. Let’s get him off the streets as soon as possible!

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