Young Girl Publicly Humiliated For Allegedly Stealing Panties. (photos)

A young Nigerian woman was publically humiliated lately after being caught with pants she reportedly stole from a drying line.

The lady who was interviewed by her neighbors after they caught her in the act couldn’t come up with a reasonable excuse for taking the panties when questioned.

One of the women whose pants were stolen is heard claiming in the viral video that the suspect stated she took the pants to her room because they were pouring water on her head.

The victim further inquired as to whether the woman stole the pants to donate to the yahoo lads or as part of a money ritual.

After being “caught in the act,” the lady who was interrogated by her neighbors was unable to provide a clear explanation for why she supposedly grabbed the underwear.

Another woman, who claims to be the victim, was overheard saying that the suspect stated the underwear were leaking water on her head but took them to her room nevertheless. She also inquired as to whether the woman who allegedly took the underwear wished to take it to the yahoo boys for rituals.

After repeatedly disobeying interrogators’ orders, the accused pantyhose thief was flogged with a large stick.

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