Get tested if I ever sleep with you; I’m HIV POSITIVE and infecting men – Harriet Vihenda Akunava (video)

Harriet Vihenda Akunava, a Kenyan woman, took to social media to apologize to all the men she’s slept with after revealing her HIV status.

Harriett recently revealed on Instagram that she is HIV positive and has been infecting men with whom she has had sexual relations.

She confessed her actions and begged them to forgive her because she had been bitter for many months, adding that she had decided to come clean.

Her post reads ;

“it’s time I came clean. I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV POSITIVE and have been infecting men. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Get tested if I have hanyad you”.

She revealed the shocking news in a recent Instagram post, showing her test kits in a video to prove that she is HIV positive.

It is unclear from her post what made her so irritated, leading to her decision to vent on unsuspecting men.


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