UPDATE: A woman has been arrested for allegedly seizing and starving a teen mother’s 5-month-old boy over an outstanding debt.

According to the latest information, the “madam” who allegedly abducted a teenage mother’s five-month-old infant due to an unpaid bill has been captured by police.

Earlier today, news broke that a 19-year-old mother had lost her newborn baby when her madam, Madam Tina Ogbonnaya, took it because she owed her the hospital bill she’d helped her clear.

The mom and her child were reunited thanks to the involvement of the Lagos State Social Welfare Department and the police.

Harrison Gwamishu, a Nigerian human rights activist who has been following the issue, posted an update on his Facebook page, indicating that the claimed madam has been taken into police custody.

He posted an update on his Facebook page, saying,

The face of Madam Tina Ogbonnaya, currently detained at Divisional Police Station Ajah, Lagos State.
We commend the division police for their job BUT want the case transferred to Homicide department SCID.
Thank you all for your support

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