“Na their papa money” -Reactions to Regina Daniels’ bragging that she spent over $800,000 on Christmas shopping with her son and stepchildren (video)

Regina Daniels, a popular Nollywood actress, recently took her son and stepchildren Christmas shopping and revealed how much she spent on social media.

The videos, which Regina uploaded on her Instagram stories, showed the youngsters excitedly selecting products and placing them in the basket.
She showed that her cost totaled over 812, 000 Naira after purchasing.

“800 thousand plus for Christmas ngwongwo,” the millionaire wife wrote on the bill.

The mother of one, on the other hand, was chastised for flaunting the bill on social media. Below are some comments.

“800k with her step children with how things are expensive now in the market not only her, its very small biko. regina is a small child and it’s a sense of a child that is worrying her. Maybe by next yr she will add sense small, there are people that have spent more than that on themselves not to of talk of third party, but you will never hear them make noise about it”.

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