Pranking his ex-girlfriend, a Nigerian man tells her that he needs someone to carry calabash for him in the middle of the night (Listen)

A Nigerian man wanted to fool his ex-girlfriend in a unique way, but her reaction surprised netizens, who wondered if the prank was planned ahead of time.

The young man contacted his ex-girlfriend, Desire, and taped their discussion; he began by inquiring about her whereabouts and what she was doing there, before telling her he had something to tell her.

He then detailed how he’d indulged in a fetish activity and how, unfortunately for him, it backfired, and he now requires assistance. To sell the joke, he pretended to be genuinely distressed by his predicament and in desperate need of a solution as soon as possible.

His ex-girlfriend then inquired about the treatment, and when he explained what it was, she unexpectedly agreed to assist him, despite the potential harm it could bring her.

Despite the fact that they are ex-partners, her responsiveness to his problems has prompted netizens to speculate that the lady still has affections for him… Why would she put herself through such an ordeal if she didn’t have to?

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