Despite the ‘terrible things’ she did to be a ‘big girl,’ a Nigerian lady thanks God for sending her husband into her life.

Jessica, a Nigerian woman, has resorted to social media to express her gratitude to God for bringing her husband into her life.

The Delta native, who recently graduated from university, admitted to doing numerous bad things in the past in order to be a “big girl.”

She claimed that she considered self harm at one point, but that God intervened and sent her husband her way.

They now have two gorgeous boys and are happily married.

She wrote in part,

“I’ve done so many awful things to myself in the name of trying to be a Big Girl. And I thank God for sending his son (my husband) into my life and I thank God for growth because i dont know where I would have been today.

“When people thought my life would be ruined when I got married, I laughed because I knew it was just the beginning of a beautiful story for me.

“If you dont know all the details you wont understand how happy I am to be where I am today. The girl who almost took her own life is actually now successful. It’s still a dream.

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