Lady reveals how her cousin, who snatched her bestfriend’s fiance, ended up losing him four days before their wedding.

@forevertahj, a Twitter user, described how her cousin snatched her bestfriend’s fiance and then lost him when he died in his sleep.

She told the narrative of how she and other family members advised them against the relationship, but they ignored them.

As she puts it:

My cousin, stole” her best friend of 10 years’ fiance/baby daddy earlier this year. They got engaged after only being together for 3 months and were set to get married THIS Saturday – we woke up to the news that he died in his sleep.

Both were grimy for betraying the bm/friend. We warned them that nothing good would come out of building a home on another woman’s tears but neither of them gave one single ounce of a f*ck. Some of us weren’t even invited to the wedding because we were “jealous” of their love”

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