I gave my husband the “bestest” blowj*b (BJ) known to man” – Ka3na reveals how she spent her 6th wedding anniversary

Ka3na Jones, a reality TV personality, has revealed how she spent her 6th wedding anniversary with her husband, Mr. Jones, to her adoring fans and admirers.

On Wednesday, December 22, the mother of one and her husband, Mr Jones, celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

Ka3na updated her friends and followers on how the day went, saying that aside from bathing herself in champagne, her hubby “got lucky with the bestest BJ known to man.”

“Firstly I soaked myself with few glasses of champagne then Mr Jones got lucky with the bestest BJ known to man. I made him laugh so hard we both got hungry then I made him late night breakfast. While watching our favorite late night movies and finally we both had a blissful night rest while y ‘all taking panadol for the matter”. She wrote.

In other news, Ka3na believes fathers should refrain from kissing their daughters on the lips.

Kissing their infant girls on the forehead or cheeks, she believes, is more suitable.

she tweeted, “Fathers should stop kissing their baby girls on the lips forehead or chick is more appropriate…Thinking Aloud Seriously #goodmorning”.

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