Oye Kyme Accuses Bobrisky Of Knacking Her Every mid Night While Working As His PA

Oye Kyme, Bobrisky’s former PA, has continued to drag him by expressing her grievances against him, accusing him of knacking her every night while she worked as his PA and wondering how he knew she slept n@ked.

Oye Kyme had been dragging Bobrisky around, accusing him of a variety of things, including that he was knacking her against her will and forcing her to do things she didn’t want to do, but she’s now getting them off her chest.

According to her, Bobrisky has been claiming to be a woman but then enjoys knacking women, which is why he would ask her if she would be with her clothing so that he could have access to her when she sleeps, and she would tell him to stop trying to be a woman because he is a man.

Oye Kyme then challenged Bobrisky to come out and confess about the falsehoods and all he did while she was under his roof, stating that even if he denies it, wise people would know he’s lying, and she’s speaking up now because she’s no longer afraid.

She then accused Bobrisky of assaulting her the day before she was to leave Nigeria, pleading with anyone who knows his brother to inquire about what occurred that night because he was present at the time, and he was begging her not to leave because he knew she wouldn’t keep silent if she did.

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