“If it were money for Medicine, maybe I’ll give but not Christmas rice” – Ifu Ennada of BBN chastises a fan who pleaded for money to cook on Christmas Day.

Ifu Ennada, a Big Brother Naija star and beauty entrepreneur, recently chastised a fan who resorted to her Instagram to beg her for money to cook on Christmas Day.

The beggar’s note to her reads as follows:

Good morning babe, happy Christmas, please help me with money to cook food on Christmas day, I don’t have anything to cook, please I beg you in the name of God

The beautician, who believes the follower who DM’ed her is living beyond her means, claims that the follower has no reason to go into debt because “Christ did not invite her to celebrate.”


Ifu went on to claim that she would have given if the follower had begged for money to buy drugs, but not for “Christmas rice.”

She wrote on her page:

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