I pity the next generation children” – BlaqBonez, a singer, expresses concern over today’s parents’ lack of prayer.

Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaqbonez, a Nigerian rapper, has raised concern about the lack of prayer among this generation’s mothers and fathers.

The “intimacy above love” singer expressed his fear on Twitter, saying he pities the future generation’s children because they would grow up without pious parents.

He wrote,

“This generation isn’t religious, with the way its going if you need prayers you might need to do it yourself, just glad to have someone that has my back spiritually.

Last of a dying breed. next generation mums are most likely fun mums, woke mums, but not prayer warriors mums.

Current dads have already lost their way, they in the club smoking shisha looking for small girls to cheat with.

But i forecast that the next generation mums too would join the dads, and then we would all not be religious together. wahala for the next gen kids 

My mumsi dey steady pray for me, i just pity next generation children, na club all their mumsi go dey, dey smoke shisha, who go pray for who?

The past generation made prayer like a gender role, made us expect mothers to be mad religious but going forward if you need prayers you’d have to do it yourself.

I wonder who would pray for my kids sha, cos me I barely pray and I’d probably not have a religious baby mama .”

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