Janemena and a well-known herbalist have been accused of ‘bottling up’ her husband, Mr Plies.

Cutie juls, a controversial blogger, exposes the deeds of Instagram dancer Janemena and popular herbalist, accusing them of utilizing charms to bottle up Mr Plies (Janemena’s spouse).

It was also revealed that despite how strong and effective the voodoo is, when the award-winning herbalist and Janemena fell out, she (the herbalist) was still unable to remove what had been done.

Read the post below:

“World people wee say if you heard about the bottle wey mamalawo helped J the twerker put Oga Plies inside that year eehn, you go know sey this mamalawo dey deserve award.

Even after Mamalawo fell out J because of T… Still Mamalawo herself couldn’t free Oga Plies cuz the sea wey them throw way Oga Piles bottle, deep wella😩😩😩

Sons of Adam… pele 😩😩🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️”

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