The aftermath of the fire that destroyed the “Next supermarket Abuja” yesterday.

A fire at the NEXT Supermarket in the Kado region of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, destroyed goods and properties worth millions of dollars.

A video has been posted of the aftermath of a fire outbreak at the Next supermarket in Abuja on Sunday, December 26.

The next major supermarket to be demolished in Abuja in the last six months is Next. On July 17, the Prince Ebeano Supermarket was destroyed by fire, resulting in the loss of millions of naira in merchandise.

One of the NEXT supermarket’s suppliers bemoaned the fact that he had recently supplied goods worth N4.5 million.

“In this Next Cash and Carry, I’m the youngest supplier. I’m a supplier of Silver Crest. What is paining me is that I gave them my goods for January and February and they have not been signed.

“We all know that Next does not have products, MIT is just a warehouse where you bring your product. They sell for you and you give them a percentage. If you sell for them at N30,000, Next will sell at N35,000. They take N5,000, give you your N30,000.

“My goods that have not been signed worth over N4.5million. Where am I going to start from?” he cried out at the scene

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