Wizkid Gives Man Dirty Slap for Trying to ‘Grab’ His Diamond Necklace [VIDEO]

Wizkid, the Grammy award-winning artist, recently lost his cool during his vibes on the beach event when he was allegedly trying to steal from him.

A man allegedly tried to steal Wizkid’s diamond chain from his neck, prompting the singer to slap him.

Fans have reacted to the development, which was captured in a video that is currently trending online.

The moment Wizkid delivered the burglar a filthy slap was captured on film and is making the rounds online.

According to accounts, the man attempted to remove Wizkid’s diamond necklace from his neck, and the singer responded by slapping him across the face.

Wizkid was seen heading out of the throng while being accompanied by his bodyguards in a video uploaded by GossipmillTV.

However, a man was spotted attempting to break through the ‘human wall’ erected around the musician by grabbing his chain.

Wizkid slapped him across the face, and the invader screamed in anguish for the rest of the video.

Internet users reacted quickly once the video became viral. A number of them applauded Wizkid for his strong defense.

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