‘Now that men can get pregnant, I can’t wait to get pregnant and raise a family” – James Brown says

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has turned to Instagram to reveal his plans to marry and start a family as soon as possible.

While discussing the contemporary trend of men putting to bed, James Brown claimed that it is past time for him to find a husband and settle down for good.

He mentioned that he is doing this because he is passionate about children and can’t wait to have kids.

“Now that man can get pregnant, it’s high time I get a husband I need to settle down because I love kids”

Janemena, a controversial dancer, has chastised her sister Zee for referring to her spouse as ‘bestie’ in recent headlines.

Janemena called her out on Instagram, and she also shared her sister’s Christmas message to her husband.

Zee complimented her bestie Plies for being “one of a kind” in the letter, and she showed her love for him.

The letter read:

“Dear plies. My bestie in whom I am well pleased. This year was a tough one but we scaled through. You are one of a kind as I would always say.

Thank you for the amazing trips and gifts over the years. I will repay you when I’m a billionaire. I love you so much and Merry Christmas. With lots of love”.

Jane responded by posting the letter on Instagram and addressing the ‘bestie’ issue.

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