OAP, Temi, celebrates relocating to Lagos from Canada

Temi, a Nigerian on-air personality, recently took to Twitter to mark the end of the year 2021, as she transitioned from 2021 to 2022 and celebrated her move from Canada to Lagos.

She claims to be overjoyed at the prospect of leaving the nation. She stated that Lagos provided her with the best year of her life and that she is glad to be back there.

Temi wrote on December 31, 2021,

“So glad I decided to get the fuck out of Canada this year. Lagos gave me the best year of my life”

In other developments, a Nigerian guy living in Canada asked Nigerians a question when he revealed what happened to a cup of coffee he left in his car.

According to Twitter user @ugleeoak, he left the coffee in his car overnight, and owing to the chilly temperature, it turned into iced coffee.

“I left coffee in my car last night….,” he tweeted, alongside a snap of the frozen coffee. “I’m still interested in seeing Canada.”

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