After netizens chastised her for celebrating her boyfriend’s “20-year relationship,” a Nigerian lady reacted (Video)

The comments that accompanied a popular video of hers in which she confessed her 20-year relationship with her lover enraged a Nigerian lady.

The lady, who looks like she’s in her early twenties but might pass for a teenager, recorded a video of herself and her partner and captioned it “20 years relationship” — while one could just watch her video and fawn over her love for her man without paying attention to it, her caption made it otherwise.

Many people were taken aback by her assertion that she had been in a 20-year relationship with her beau, and their reactions bordered on her being insane. – the criticism was that she was too young to be in a 20-year-old relationship.

After watching the negative comments and reactions to her video, the lady decided to make another to protest those who are slandering her relationship… They claim that it isn’t their relationship, so why are they making it their problem?

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