“The Girls You Molested Will Soon Start Talking” – Shatta Wale Reveals Reason for His Beef With Burna Boy

The feud between Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale and Nigerian singer Burna Boy has reached new heights as the former explains the source of the conflict.

Shatta Wale has responded to the allegations that Odogwu sexually abused a number of Ghanaian women with a series of tweets.

“Don’t worry when the girls start talking about the byforce sxx,you will look for me as a witness and I will make sure you go “Nigeria Ankaful” by all means😜 @burnaboy. Those labels will be memories for you soon!!,” he wrote.

Continuing, the singer stated that their feud began when a former employee of his lied to Burna Boy about molestation of his girlfriend.

“You couldn’t face me to ask if I fucked your girl 😍but you kept it in your mind cuz my boys I sacked called to lie and you believed  …Are you not a psssy😜 … You are just a small boy with height…No sense too ..How?

Because of girl weh you naaa say she be ashawo, now u want fite me for ashawo… Lol… What pussy can do to some men 😂😂😂

My nigga the girl sef u watch her height -Like my grandfather’s TV set😂 ..I like it tall brooooo cuz am very tallllllll and you fucken know. Psssy

The girls name is Kuti ….. or u wan make I show you picture as she deh dress me for my video when you left her for 2months in the house I gave you ….oh sorry it wasn’t even a house ,the mansion you never had before ..😜😜.”

“That is Kuti …do you miss her …Awwwwwwww😜😜😜😜 @burnaboy,” he said while sharing a photo of the lady in question.

“Fighting with cuz of the same girl u said was ashawo …She knows me and her can’t have s*x ever …very humble girl but she said you and family maltreated her so bad  …Tell is why …

Am telling you all, it’s because a friend of mine told Burna I fucked his girl. So he stopped picking my calls..

Because he was a fool, he accepted another fool as his friend cuz the 2 are fools for life 😜😜 @burnaboy” Shatta Wale added.

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