​I did not stab my girlfriend – Amara The Lesbian responds to Uyai’s accusation, admitting their relationship was abusive.

Amara The Lesbian has refuted allegations made by her previous lesbian lover, Uyai, that she was aggressive, assaulted her, and screamed at her during a threesome with another woman.

Uyai also claimed that her former partner told her that her on-again, off-again lover, Yinka, was nearly killed after she (Amara) stabbed her.

Amara denied stabbing Yinka but said they had been in an abusive relationship for two years in response to the allegations.

She tweeted ;

I’m sorry about how all of this is affecting the queer community that has loved and supported me since I got on this space. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry.

I need everyone who still has any hope for me and my existence to know this, I’m doing better than I did in my past, today.

One day, like I already do. I’d share with you about my not so impressive past, again. This time with more details. I DID NOT STAB my girlfriend. However, we were in an abusive space the first two years of our relationship and we would occasionally have heated arguments and fights that would burn us both and one time we almost burned down our entire house with the heat. God saved us both and we have been together 4years after that and we’ve gotten better and healed for ourselves and each other.

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