“I am not Bobrisky” – Crossdresser cries out after Lagos area boys nearly stripped him (video)

After being beaten for being effeminate, a Nigerian crossdresser has resorted to social media to demand justice.

He claims he was confronted by a bunch of street touts while shopping at the famed Balogun market in Lagos state.

The touts allegedly slapped his rear and nearly stripped him naked, according to him.

He added that people should leave him alone to live his life the way he wants in a video he posted on social media, demanding that his attackers be brought to justice.

He went on to say that he and infamous crossdresser Bobrisky are not the same person, and that people should respect that.

Watch him speak in the video below.

In related news, a video doing the rounds online shows an enraged mob attacking a crossdresser and beating him to a pulp.

The unidentified man was dressed in a pink dress, heels, and a synthetic butt to give him a flawless feminine image as he walked down a busy street.

When the enraged throng saw the young man, they attacked him and tried to strip him nude before severely beating him.

A person could be heard in the background appealing with the throng to stop, but his cries were ignored.

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