“Not every father is uneducated, my dad is a medical doctor” – James Brown tells those dragging his father (video)

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has reacted to his father being dragged over his birthday photos with him.

On the occasion of his birthday, James Brown turned to Instagram to post never-before-seen images of himself and his father. James, who was dressed in a white two-piece attire, appeared to be really glammed up in the photographs.

Nigerians dragged James Brown’s father as they tackled him for accepting his son as a crossdresser in response to the images.

James Brown revealed in a video he posted on social media that his parents’ divorce had an impact on his childhood, but that his father welcomed him nonetheless because he is educated and polite.

“The thing is you guys don’t seems to get it. Not every father is your father. Not every father is uneducated, ignorant, hypocrite, uncivilized.

“Now my dad is a medical doctor. Yes. So divorce happened. Affect my life and so on. I can’t kill myself. You get? You guys should not sit down and judge other parent. Your parents doesn’t love you or accept you doesn’t mean other parents don’t love their children.” he said.

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