Highlights From Davido House Warming Party Worth Millions of Naira [VIDEO]

Davido Adeleke, the sensational Nigerian singer, flaunts his recently acquired property in Banana Island, which he celebrated with a large housewarming party.

This comes only hours after the artist announced the housewarming of the new construction, which is said to be worth millions of naira and is located in a top-tier location in Lagos.

The ‘Welcome to 2022’ party drew a crowd of fans, family, and friends who gathered to congratulate Davido on his recently acquired house.

Meanwhile, Adeyela Adebola, commonly known as Lizzy Jay, a Nigerian actress, has dubbed herself a gold digger while describing the current epoch’s relationship between money and love.

Lizzy Jay revealed on her Instagram story that she has her own money but enjoys gold-digging. According to her, it’s wise to save her own money and spend the money of anybody ready to cross her path with anything amorous.

She wrote; “To whom it my concern,… MONEY CAN BUY MY LOVE.

I have my own money but I am a gold digger, I want to invest my own money and spend yours baby.”

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